Team Control Center

The Team Control Center is the first step in team/faction based warfare. The Team Control Center is a block that may be crafted and placed by players. Once placed, players may activate the block to view the Team Control GUI. This GUI will look different for players dependent upon their current team status and the current team status of the block (or not activate at all in the case of conflicting team numbers).

Players who are not on any team and are activating an unassigned block will see the Team Create options enabled. Here they may select a color for their team, type in a name they wish their team to be known by, and once satisfied create the team using the 'Set Team' button.

Players who are not on a team but are activating a team block from another team will see the Team Join options enabled. Before joining the team, they may view the members of the team, view the team name and color, and of course, click the 'Join' button to join the team.

Players who are on a team and activating their teams control block will see the Team Control options enabled. From here they may view the team details (name, color, members list), as well as view a localized map of the area that shows friendly/enemy unit locations ('Map' button).

Any Team/Control Block that has all of its players leave will revert to an unassigned control block, and all Team details will be deleted.

If a Team's Control Block is destroyed, their team is without a home. Players on that team cannot leave and no new players may join until a member of the team has crafted a new Team Control Block and activated it for his team.

At any point, a team may remove their own control block and move it. This will have the same effects as block destruction concerning players leaving/joining the team.

The local-area map for every Team Control Block will show friendly and hostile units within a 64 block radius of the Control Block (looking into expanding this radius, and improving map-quality over the next couple of releases). Friendly players are a blue/green icon, hostile players are a red/green icon. Friendly soldier are blue, hostile soldiers are red (regardless of if they are red soldiers or just a different team). Vehicles have individual icons with an arrow indicating direction, the arrow will be blue or red for hostile/friendly status on the vehicle. Information is updated and sent to clients every ~5 seconds, so most information should be fairly accurate and up-to-date.